U.S. Expat Tax Services

expatriate tax services

Expat Tax Center, Inc. provides tax preparation, planning, and compliance services for U.S. expatriates living and working over the border or overseas. We understand the unique compliance issues that taxpayers like you face and we're here to help you keep more of your income. Whether you are on a long-term work assignment or have permanently relocated to another country, we'll find ways to reduce your tax obligations.

As American citizens or green card holders, expatriates are subject to U.S. taxes regardless of where they live and earn their income. Expat Tax Center, Inc. works with expatriates earning worldwide income to stay in compliance while minimizing U.S. taxes. We'll utilize foreign tax credits, housing exclusions, and other deductions to avoid double taxation and ensure that you never pay more than the law requires. Our extensive knowledge of international and cross border tax rules will help you retain more of your income and avoid problems with the IRS.

Our international tax CPA firm has extensive experience decreasing taxes for U.S. expats. Give us a call today at 347-770-3442  or request a consultation online to find out how we can save you money on your taxes. Our process is easy and our friendly staff is ready to assist you now.

Expatriate tax services for American citizens: