State Tax Preparation for U.S. Expats

Brooklyn income tax preparation

Some Americans living and working abroad are still required to submit state income tax filings. Depending on which state you're from, you may need to file state taxes if you're considered a resident of the state for tax purposes. Different states have different rules so to be sure you're in compliance with current tax laws, contact Expat Tax Center, Inc.. We'll help you determine whether or not you're required to file state taxes and if so, we'll prepare and file your taxes on time to avoid penalties.

At Expat Tax Center, Inc., we believe in helping taxpayers keep more money in their pockets. We truly care about every client so we work hard to minimize your liabilities and maximize your refund. When you work with us, you can be confident that we’re looking out for your best financial interests because we’re highly trained tax professionals. Contact Expat Tax Center, Inc. for state tax preparation services you can trust. Call us at 347-770-3442 now or request your free initial consultation online.

State tax returns for Americans working abroad: