Expat Tax Preparation Process

Our process is easy and convenient for U.S. expats living in foreign countries. Please review the details below and feel free to call our office at 347-770-3442 if you have any questions. Here's how it works:

1. Share File Access From Our CPA

We'll send you a user name and password to access our share file system.This system will allow us to securely share documents.

2.Upload Tax Documents

Please download and complete this questionnaire. Upload the completed form along with all applicable tax forms including W-2’s, 1099’s and all income and expense documentation (see Tax Appointment Checklist).

3. Accurate Tax Preparation

Once we've reviewed all of your information, we will prepare your draft U.S. tax return and upload it to your secure folder. At that point, you will also receive an invoice from us. Payment is not due until you are satisfied with your draft return.

4. Get Your Tax Return & Make a Payment

You pay the invoice and we'll upload the final tax return to you, with mailing directions. We'll gladly e-file your return at no additional cost when possible.