Tax Planning for U.S. Expats

Brooklyn tax planning services

Tax planning is essential for U.S. expats. To avoid double taxation, stay in compliance with current regulations, and maximize your income, you need an accountant that’s on the job twelve months out of the year, not just before the tax deadline. At Expat Tax Center, Inc., we build a strong relationship with our clients by working all year to help them prepare for tax season. We constantly watch for changes to the tax regulations and develop new techniques to limit tax liabilities for expatriates working across borders and all over the world.

We’ll figure out which tax planning strategies work best now and will adjust that plan as income and circumstances change. For all of our clients, we offer sound advice to reduce taxes and preserve income.

Our experienced Brooklyn, NY CPA firm specializes in working with U.S. expatriates and can save you real money on your taxes through comprehensive tax planning. To learn more, call 347-770-3442 now or request your free initial consultation online.

Our tax reduction planning services include:

  • Tax planning for U.S. expats
  • Strategic tax reduction planning
  • Alternative minimum tax planning
  • Foreign tax credits