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U.S. Expat Tax Services

Expat Tax Center, Inc. is dedicated to U.S. expat tax preparation and planning. As experienced CPAs that specialize in tax compliance for U.S. expats, we know how to save you the most money on taxes. We'll help you take advantage of foreign tax credits, housing exclusions, and any other credit or deduction that will legally reduce your tax burden. When you become our client, you'll keep more of your income and will rest easy knowing that you won't get hit with tax penalties. We'll expertly prepare and file your state and federal tax returns accurately no matter where you work or live in the world. 

U.S. expats have many questions about filing taxes like: Do I need to file a U.S. tax return? Do I qualify for a foreign income exclusion? Am I required to file FBAR? If you're a U.S. citizen living, working, or traveling abroad, contact Expat Tax Center, Inc. now for clear answers and advice you can trust. We provide the guidance U.S. expats need to take the guesswork out of complex tax regulations and make staying compliant easy. As a CPA firm with an extensive background in taxation, we recommend proactively reducing your tax liabilities through year-round planning. We'll learn all we can about your individual financial situation in order to design a customized tax planning strategy that will save you money on U.S. taxes.

Lots of CPAs prepare tax returns but Expat Tax Center, Inc. is an expert in U.S. expat tax services. Discover how much you can save when you work with us!

Expatriate and Expats

expatriate taxes

We provide expatriate tax services for U.S. citizens working across borders or overseas. Our proactive tax strategies are designed to help you pay less in taxes and retain more of your income.

Foreign Nationals

expatriate taxes

We offer tax services for foreigners working in the states who are not U.S. citizens or green card holders. We'll expertly prepare your taxes in line with all current local and international tax guidelines.

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Reducing Taxes for U.S. Expats